Perfect acoustics for a more productive office

Posted by sales on March 23, 2016


When choosing the right solutions for a great workspace, the emphasis is usually put on how the furniture looks, functionality and price perhaps, but there is one important element that is often overlooked - sound.

There are several environmental factors that affect workplace performance such as: lights and temperature but good acoustics should be top priority. Being able to hear and understand well in the office is an important aspect of every business. Open plan offices can become very noisy and we all know noise in the workplace can increase tension and lower productivity of the workers. Sound affects our mood, emotions and has a significant impact on our performance levels. Struggling to hear our co-workers in the office or that person on the phone, can be quite annoying and may lead to a poor communication in the office, increased tension levels and an overall reduced performance among workers. To ensure a noise free work environment with productive, stress free workers, it is worth selecting soft sound absorbing materials for the office screens as they soak up sound by reducing noise reflections.

Materials play a mayor role when it comes to noise performance in the office. The basic approach behind every acoustics management is the ABC rule: Absorb Block and Cover.

Hard surfaces don’t absorb the sound very well; they diffuse the sound and create the echo effect while fabric covered screens are great for absorbing the sound. Freiberg Office Solutions uses innovative and environmentally conscious products from Autex, a premium choice for effective sound control and absorption. Workstation from Autex combines superior noise absorption with unique finishing options to provide greater flexibility in the design and manufacture of office furniture. 

Tips for reducing the sound in the office:

  • Sound masking- Silence in the office can be as bad as too much noise. So the answer is to have the right combination of ambient noise. A useful method to mask up the sound in the office is to increase the background noise. Research shows that it is the incomprehensible speech that is distracting and not the actual noise itself. Therefore, a continuous low level noise such as an air conditioner could actually help cover up the noise and help employees focus on their work.
  • Partition off larger spaces: Fabric and foam covered workspace screens and partitions can absorb and reduce sounds in the office. Partitioned space provides privacy to workers and acoustics control within the office.
  • Insulation improvements: Adding acrylic fibre or cellulose insulation into walls, roofs and building’s facades to prevent the transmission of the external noises into the building spaces.
  • A mix of different environments: which is why giving workers many options in a space is the key to open office success. A combination of different spaces such as: breakout rooms for meetings, couches and soft furniture for a quite work.
  • Plant acoustics: Plants have the capacity to reduce noise levels inside the buildings. The size and the number of plants affect their ability to absorb the sound. Greater plant surfaces will provide better sound absorption.

There are also other ways of reducing the noise levels in the open office environment:

  • Provide private dedicated quiet rooms for the employees to switch off or when they need to focus on a private or specific task.
  • Provide spaces for people to “let off noisy steam” such as lunch areas and game rooms that encourage employees to communicate and interact in one specific place without disturbing the others in the office.

By choosing the right sound absorbent materials for your office screens and carefully partitioning the spaces in the office, you can achieve the right combination of ambience noise where the employees are more productive and less stressed.


Freiberg Office Solutions provides a wide range of workstations; desk height and full height screens with inbuilt insulation, foam facings or fabric finishes that will help improve your workspace, environment and productivity by reducing the noise.