Sit and Stand Desks- versatile and flexible solution with health benefits

Posted by sales on December 18, 2015


In response to concerns over the negative health impact of the prolonged sitting, new forms of easily height adjusted ergonomic office furniture have been developed. These improve the way people can work and collaborate. Prolonged sedentary activity can damage our health and cause issues with posture, back pains, strains and obesity. The term “seating is the new smoking” has been coined to emphasise the potential harmful impacts of the prolonged sitting. To improve this, new innovations are being created such as Sit Stand and height adjustable desks which allow easy transition from sit to stand or can be easily height adjusted to suit different users, thus benefitting overall health, happiness and productivity of employees.

New forms of workspaces with sit and stand desks have numerous benefits for both employers and the employees. Because of their easy transition from sit to stand, employees have the opportunity to easily switch from sitting to standing throughout the day while the increased physical activity from different sitting and standing postures improves both health and performance at work. These are a great ROI for the companies who decide to invest in them as they can also increase employee productivity and motivation at work.  Sit and stand desks not only benefit our health and posture, they also have a positive effect on our well being. Having the option of sitting and standing while working, improves mood and can increase our creativity which is a further benefit to employers. Because of the multiple benefits sit and stand desks offer, the demand for this kind of flexible desks is in rising demand.

Various studies have shown that Sit and Stand desks can be very beneficial to our health (if used correctly), improving our mood, reducing stress levels, reducing risks of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and risk of cancer including lowering long-term mortality risk. Moreover, sit and stand desks can combat prolonged sedentary time. However, both sitting at a desk and standing for a long time can be harmful for our health. An osteopath, Dr. Allison Van Ommen shares some useful ergonomic tips on how to prevent repetitive strain injuries (RSI):

Tips how to prevent strain injuries:

  • Make sure the desk height is correct, both sitting and standing, and ensure that your elbows rest at 90-degree angles comfortably. It is important to remember that, as long as the computer screen is at eye level, if you need to have the desk height a little bit lower to have the computer screen level with your eyes, it is fine, as long as your arms can rest comfortably and you are relaxed through your shoulders.
  • Having your screen straight on and not off to the side of the desk where you would be required to be in a slight rotation is also important to consider when setting up your desk.
  • If you are always answering the phone to one side, ensure that you change the phone to the other side regularly.
  • Changing your mouse to each hand regularly will also help.

Why Sit and Stand desks? 

Benefits for the Employees                                                                 
  • Easy transition from sit to stand throughout the day
  • Health benefits: reducing risks of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, risk of cancer and other health issues.
  • Benefits the posture health, increases metabolism and circulation since it allows employees to go from sitting to standing.
  • Reduce OHS risks and prevent RSI (repetitive strain injury).
  • Increases productivity with added comfort

 Benefits for the Employers

  • Sit and stand desks promote health positive work environment; healthier and less obese employees.
  • Provide a good ROI (Return over investment) for the employers since Sit and Stand desks increase employee productivity, creativity and motivation at work.
  • Happier and less stressed employees since Sit and Stand desks improve the mood and satisfaction.


For those who like the option of having a desk for both sitting and standing while they work, Freiberg Office Solutions has a variety of Sit and Stand and Height Adjustable Desks. For instance, our Sit and Stand 2- Height Adjustable Desk is a totally flexible height adjustable desk frame that includes 4 programmable height settings with electronic display, a choice of either rectangle or right angle, in a white or silver finish.

FOS Elevar Electric Height Adjustable Desk is another electronic height adjustable desk with a height range from 635mm up to 1285mm. It can be raised to Stand and lowered to Sit offering increased comfort levels.


At Freiberg Office Solutions, our goal is to provide our clients with the superior quality furniture that promotes health positive environment, focusing on user’s needs in this fast changing workplace while following the latest trends and innovations in the furniture industry.