Freiberg Office Solutions believes that every employee has a responsibility to be a good steward of our environment and any resource consumed in the manufacture delivery and installation of its products and service.

The following lists our company's hierarchy of environmental implementation:

  • Use environmentally safe, friendly products and/or resources wherever possible in all manufacturing techniques, products and installations.
  • Use products that are environmentally sustainable.
  • Design functional multi use products, which have a long sustainable future.
  • Design to minimize energy and materials wastage.
  • Design products that can be easily recycled or remanufactured.
  • Source local products wherever possible so as to improve transport efficiency
  • Utilise recycled or recyclable materials in preference to new materials.
  • Manage waste effectively so that it is sold, reused or recycled.
  • Utilise materials that can be recycled wherever possible.
  • Give priority to, and purchase from manufacturers with similar views on conservation and environmental impact.
  • Report and feedback to management the success or money saved through implementing the above policy.