• SQ-LEXX is a minimal desking system with a simple square section loop, or goal post¬† styledl end frame designed with just a few standard components that can be configured to a multitude of floor plans, thereby reducing inventory requirements.
    SQ-LEXX is designed with an unobtrusive leg and beam support system that allows for long spans of clear desktop whilst maximising leg space with minimal deflection of work surface.
    SQ-LEXX is extremely flexible in changing workspaces as it is fast and easy to re-configure without expensive technical support.
    SQ-LEXX is manufactured using eco-design principles. It is locally manufactured reducing transport and also provides social benefit to our community.
    SQ-LEXX easily handles different cable management types and many variations acrylic, pinable acoustic solid, ducted air-flow screens.

    Dimensions: 720 High worksurface on 50mm x 50mm square tube end frames.